A friend asked if there was an easy, online way to somehow
help ease my life a bit with his Multiple Sclerosis...

And to help with startup funding for my humanitarian projects:

DIFFabled.org, The QuadSquad and CottonCares

plus we need audio/video gear & software galore, and the total is in the high six-figures...

I know you probably want to chip in, but I have to ask outright, "ARE YOU IN A POSITION TO HELP?"



With some gracious, tech help we now have this new webpage offering you

several, fully secure methods to make online financial gifts

with all funds going directly toward Clay's personal well-being and humanitarian projects.


Join us...


" No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted " - Aesop
" In nothing do men more closely approach the Gods than by doing good to their fellow man " - Cicero


Yes I have advanced Multiple Sclerosis

Yes it sucks sometimes, But I am Grateful to still at least have my Eyesight, my Hearing, Loving Friends and a Sense of Humor

I invite people's support, because I Take Care of Myself, so I can take care of Others

Yes I am Deeply Grateful for these expressions of love and kindness, generous caring and sharing,
assistance and support from those who care to help me out like this in my time of need.



... but after 23 years with this darned MS, Enough Is Enough

As you can imagine, there are costs to cover:

Rent, food, utilities, wheelchair and medical not covered by insurance, etc.

I appreciate your support


Right Now

" No one has ever become poor by giving " - Anne Frank

" Life's most persistent and urgent question is
What are you doing for others? " - Martin Luther King, Jr
" Poeple have inside a basic decency and goodness,
and when they act on it, they give what the world needs most - kindness " - Pablo Casals