Howdy & welcome
May you come across something here you can enjoy and use…
May you be held in the heart of loving kindness, and
May you be free from inner and outer harm…

First, here are some 1989 solo piano tunes for you:


So, that’s some of the stuff I used to like to do, And I trust you dig it!

But, I’m wondering if you might enjoy yourself even more

as you meander around a little…


Clay Cotton plays a little Boogie Woogie piano
before being crippled by MS:

the good life:

” Life’s most persistent and urgent question is

What are you doing for others? ” – Martin Luther King, Jr

” Poeple have inside a basic decency and goodness, and when they act on it, they give what the world needs most – kindness ” – Pablo Casals

” No one has ever become poor by giving ” – Anne Frank


Part one – The music bio:

(just to get it out of the way…)

Well, I began in 1956, age 9 playing boogie-woogie piano by ear, copying what I could from radio: Bill Haley, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, fats Domino, Jerry Lee, Elvis, Ray Charles, Jimmy Reed, Booker T, Lee Dorsey, Brownie McGhee, Marvin Gaye and the like.

I actually began making real money gigging at frat parties and such around age 14 and worked weekends gigging my way through high school. I so kicked around in local bands in the East Bay of San Francisco, near Berkeley, and almost by accident, I somehow Hooked up with Charlie Musselwhite in 1967-68 which led to a gig with Tracy Nelson + Boz Skaggs 1969-70, which brought me me together with Hendrix, Joplin, BB King, Zappa, Clapton, and on and on…

On it went always working with excellent musicians, usually much better players than I, backing quality artists like Etta James, John Lee Hooker, Brownie McGhee, Musselwhite, Elvin – all great fun with stellar players…

Later in my career I did a one day, one take session and laid down a couple dozen solo piano/vocal tracks in 1989 that aren’t that shabby, in which I now give away freely online ( SEE BELOW )

However, I was stricken with multiple sclerosis in 1990, and I have been deprived of the joy of playing due to MS crippling me up… But I still have good ears and a working mouth and brain, thank goodness, so although now quadriplegic, I can still produce and lend a hand every so often through web audio/video & communications tech given to me through my friends ( The FoCC* – SEE BELOW ).

Kingston Big BangAs you can imagine, I miss being backstage and onstage and on the bus or in the van and listening to records with folks who truly appreciate the wealth of music in this world and the power of music in healing emotions and just setting things right inside…

Please visit my little site at as we build it out over time adding more and more value and free goodies for the highest good of all… The truth is that it takes money I don’t have in order to stay in the technology game with all the advances in such, not to mention the expenses of this MS care. MS is really expensive.

So through the amazing power of “crowdfunding” ( SEE BELOW ), people help by from time to time by giving us a dollar or two to help out with the cost of software, adaptive technology, MS care, medicine, nutritional support, treatments and such, and we are grateful beyond words for the kindness, caring sharing and giving in this world. Bless your heart.

Anyway, still have music to listen to, a goodly sense of humor, and love and caring and sharing galore.

My God, but I love this life, don’t you…? I’m happier than I’ve ever been…

May you love yourself just as you are -

May we all be able to recognize and touch the seeds of joy and happiness in ourselves -

May this life be a expression of loving presence…

May you be held in the heart of lovingkindness -

May you be free from inner and outer harm -

May you be well…

( end of music bio )


Part two – My letter to you:

Dearest current and future friends,

So how did little clay cotton, “ex-pro pianoman for superstars”, make the journey from ‘ top of the heap ‘ to ‘ center of the heart ‘ …? All on the amazing journey from “Normie” to “QuadBod”.

(graphX go here: CottonBalls/stairway/8 no need — top of the world in boogie-woogie at one with the one, then stuck at the bottom of the stairs, and now swirling in joy kindness caring sharing giving and grateful)……

it’s all due to my love/teacher/caregiver/friend, Betsy, and those she draws near… I’m the luckiest person alive, loving my life and yours, and happier than ever in my life…!

One reason is that I own nothing. MS took my life savings, that’s for sure. I pay my share of the rent with my meager government disability payments with nothing left over, and I have given up attachments for the most part. I’m on top of the world, actually, except for one thing, cash I miss… Because Betsyalone covers live early all our living expenses like food gas car insurance, natural healing nutrients and treatments, herbal medicines, 24/7 care giving oversight. While I sit quadriplegic in a wheelchair, she runs the whole house hold doing every single thing herself alone, including spending down her life savings, her nest egg. And this is where you might want to help out a little, but more on that later…

As you can imagine, I’ve been through the gamut of emotions with this MS: anger sadness resentment guilt shame blame regret on and on, but… With Betsy’s lovingkindness and support, I’ve grown into the higher realms of patients, resilience, compassion, community, caring – and sharing what little I can to help bring happiness, joy, insight, inspiration for inner peace and freedom in all whose lives I touch… Who can ask for more than this?

Well, I can and will. :-) – Gently and joyously inviting you to join in and lend a hand, but first just browse around and maybe come be with us as a member of the ” FoCC* ” flock, very cool and lots of fun, as you’ll discover soon enough…

What is so intriguing here is the power of crowdfunding, which helps me access web tech software and services that can bring these visions of mine alive! For instance, I can freely give you all of my recorded, original music (which I think you will really like), plus upcoming, multi-person, live video sessions with some “very interesting folks”… :-)

You will dig it, I promise you, and you will be the better for it, IMHO…

Please understand, some friends have already begun giving pressed delete their combined energy and experience, so this will happen with or without more friends, but you’re welcome to be part of a gang. And the cool thing in that you are already one of us just by reading this page, and soon you will get free access to all we can give. Is this cool, or what…?

It’s all starting behind the scenes as we speak, and will begin right here at sooner than you think, believe me, even if we have to boot up this endeavor alone on a shoestring. One way or another, come what may, it’s happening whether you want to be part of it or not… Period.

But first, again I want to make it crystal clear that we are not currently hurting or broke, desperate and begging. We are overjoyed by the blessings in this life, the plenty, the grace and beauty in these bodies this lifetime in this dimension, grateful for the wonder and awe of consciousness itself, and the abundance we are graced with each and every moment…


* FoCC is the acronym for the “Friends of Clay Cotton”, or maybe “Friends of Compassionate Caring”, or maybe “Friends of Crowdfunded Caring”,

With some gracious tech help we now have this new webpage offering you

several, fully secure methods to make online financial gifts

with all funds going directly toward Clay’s personal well-being and humanitarian projects.


Join us…


” No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted ” – Aesop
” In nothing do men more closely approach the Gods than by doing good to their fellow man ” – Cicero


Yes I have advanced Multiple Sclerosis

Yes it sucks sometimes, But I am Grateful to still at least have my Eyesight, my Hearing, Loving Friends and a Sense of Humor

I invite people’s support, because I Take Care of Myself, so I can take care of Others

Yes I am Deeply Grateful for these expressions of love and kindness, generous caring and sharing,
assistance and support from those who care to help me out like this in my time of need.



… but after 23 years with this darned MS, Enough Is Enough

As you can imagine, there are costs to cover:

Rent, food, utilities, wheelchair and medical not covered by insurance, etc.

I appreciate your support


Right Now

” No one has ever become poor by giving ” – Anne Frank

” Life’s most persistent and urgent question is

What are you doing for others? ” – Martin Luther King, Jr

 ” Poeple have inside a basic decency and goodness,

and when they act on it, they give what the world needs most – kindness ” – Pablo Casals

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